What is North Coast Softball all about?

In 1983, North Coast Softball was founded to provide a fun, competitive, and discrimination-free environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community to play ball. We also have a significant non-LGBT membership, or “allies.” In addition to playing softball, we plan social events throughout the season to encourage player camaraderie. The pre-season kick-off party, fundraisers at local bars & establishments, and our closing party are just a few of these events.

How do I sign up and get on a team?

E-mail recruiter@northcoastsoftball.org with your name, phone number, a short description of your softball experience and skill, and preferred position(s) if known or provide us with your info in the link below.

New Recruit Form

Teams are allowed to add players through the 4th week of play. Even if it is after the deadline, contact us and we may still be able to get you on a team! Keep in mind that we have players of all skill levels in our league, so join us!

How much will it cost me to play?

Team fees for 2021 are $750. Most teams find full or partial sponsors to offset this cost, otherwise it is split between the team members.  Additionally, there is a $20 individual player fee.  All team and player fees are due by opening day. Other items you will likely need to purchase include: a team jersey or shirt, a glove, and cleats (no metal).

Where and when are games played?

In an average season, there are ten weeks of regular season doubleheaders followed by a double elimination tournament. We play on Sundays between 9AM and 5PM from June until September at Gordon Park. Gordon Park is located at 767 E. 72nd St., just south of Route 90.

What if I can’t play full time?

Many teams have players who cannot commit to ten weeks of softball every summer. It is important to be up front with the manager of your team with how often you will be able to make game days. The days we play are determined well before the season starts, so if you know when you are unavailable, let your manager know early. Just keep in mind that you must play in 30% of your team’s regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.

What is the division structure? Are there male & female divisions?

We try to separate our teams based on skill rather than gender. There are teams that are entirely male and teams that are entirely female, but a majority of teams are mixed. The number of divisions varies based on our teams’ skill levels.  Depending on the teams, we usually have between two and four divisions.

How are teams built?

A majority of our teams are established and return year after year. They are always adding players as current ones move away or can no longer play, so new players sometimes end up on these teams. New teams are added each season as well. These teams may be a mix of experienced and new players or some teams are put together out of all new recruits. In all cases, we try to keep players of similar skill levels on the same team.

What happens if it rains?

The rainout status is called no later than 90 minutes before the start of the first games. A text message is sent out to all managers with the call and is put on the home page of the website shortly thereafter. Please use these two sources for rainout status. Keep in mind, there is also the possibility of a “rain delay schedule,” which is described in the rules. This is invoked if we think the fields will not be playable until later in the day.