A letter from the Commissioner:

North Coast Softball starts its 37th season this spring.  The goal of our softball league is to provide an outlet for LGBT players and allies to play softball in a fun, competitive, and discrimination-free environment.

Thirteen teams will be competing this year. We have a ten week schedule plus playoffs and take a few weekends off for summer holidays.  Most teams seek some outside sponsorship, which defrays the total cost of playing.  Our league is co-ed and multi-generational.  Skill sets range from beginners who have hardly touched a softball to more advanced players. Players are matched with teams based on skill set.  In any event, we all have fun!

We have an exciting season planned…so come and join us, as a new player or as a fan.  If you any questions, drop me a line at commissioner@northcoastsoftball.org.

Hope to see you soon!

Kelly McGowan
North Coast Softball

North Coast Softball Board

Kelly McGowan, Commissioner 



Jason Buffa, Asst. Commissioner


Jason Milczewski, Treasurer


Donnie Talbott, Recruiter



Chris Truman, D-Competitive Division Commissioner

Susan Truman, Secretary



Trent Ford, D-Rec Division Commissioner